G-NiceRF LORAWAN Gateway| LoRa RF module LG1301-PF WIFI | GPS interface LORA Gateway transmitter and receiver RF module

GW1301-PF is the LoRaWAN gateway. It can work with any LoRaWAN node which comply Standard LoRaWAN protocol V1.0.

The gateway use linux platform as host.It mainly consists of concentrator ,GPS module ,WIFI and Ethernet. The GPS module send NMEA frames containing time and geographical coordinates data to the host. The GPS module also output one pulse to the sx1301 per second.

The gateway receives the RF data from nodes and sends to the server. It also receive data from the server and transmit to the nodes. The gateway connects to the server via Ethernet or WiFi.

G-NiceRF LORAWAN Gateway| LoRa RF module  LG1301_PF WIFI | GPS interface LORA Gateway transmitter and receiver RF module.



  • LoRaWAN protocol supported

  • Uart interface

  • AES128 encryption

  • 8 channel communication simultaneously

  • Configurable parameters

  • GPS support

  • Long range

  • EU433M / EU868M / KR920M / AS923M / CN780M/ CN470M / US915M / AS915M


  • Smart city

  • Smart Metering ( Water, Electric, Gas meter )

  • Agricultural Monitoring

  • Irrigation control

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • M2M

  • Wireless Sensors

  • Wireless Alarm and Security Systems


Electrical Characteristics

Block Diagram


Function Description

1) Power on 

Connect all the antennas to the corresponding SMA port. Connect the DC power supply and power up.

After powered on, the POWER LED will light on to indicate, the gateway start the initialization . After 15s, the Linux system is ready, and then the Status LED will blink once per second to indicate the whole system is ready.

When the GPS works normaly and connect to the satellites, the GPS LED will blink once per second to indicate.

2) Communication

Ø  Node and gateway

The Node must be added to the network before communicate with this gateway. The node will transmit the data to gateway, and received data from the gateway.

Ø  Gateway and server

After connected to the server, the gateway will communicate with the server using the JSON Data Interchange Format. The detail of the communication protocol between gateway and server please refer to file  LoRaWAN Network Server Demonstration: Gateway to Server Interface Definition.

3) Connect to server

Before communication, the gateway should connect to the internet via Ethernet or WIFI. It use the RJ45 for Ethernet.Use a network cable to connect the gateway to a router.

After power up, you should modify the server address and ports. And you need to open a UDP socket in your server to received the data send from the gateway. The gateway don’t deal with the data received, it only forward it to the server. And you may need to build your server and implement the LoRaWAN protocol in the server side.

We don’t develop server, so we use a public share server platform—TTN(The Things Network) to demonstrate the communication. The procedure please refer to file Demonstration of communication between LoRaWAN gateway and server.

4) Connect to WIFI

Connect the gateway to a router use a network cable connect to the RJ45 port.

Open the command prompt tool as below, path: Start > ALL Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.


Pin definition

Mechanical dimension(Unit: mm)