G-NiceRF LORAWAN Gateway RF module|LORAWAN SX1301| LG1301-SE UART interface

GW1301-SE is the LoRaWAN gateway. It works with LoRaWAN node LN610 only.It integrates Standard LoRaWAN protocol V1.0 Class C.

When GW1301-SE received data from LN610, GW1301-SE will output the RF data and Device Addr of LN610 to serial interface. When serial data with Device Addr of target LN610 inputted to GW1301-SE, it will send the serial data to target LN610.

All the wireless communication comply the LoRaWAN protocol. It is easy to build a LoRaWAN network without knowing how LoRaWAN works.

G-NiceRF LORAWAN Gateway RF module|LORAWAN SX1301| LG1301_SE   UART interface



  • LoRaWAN protocol supported

  • Uart interface

  • AES128 encryption

  • 8 channel communication simultaneously

  • Configurable parameters

  • OTAA & ABP

  • Long range

  • ADR

  • EU433M / EU868M / KR920M / AS923M / CN780M/ CN470M / US915M / AS915M


  • Smart city

  • Smart Metering ( Water, Electric, Gas meter )

  • gricultural Monitoring

  • Irrigation control

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • M2M

  • Wireless Sensors

  • Wireless Alarm and Security Systems


Electrical Characteristics

Block Diagram


Function Description

1) Power on 

After powered on, the power led will light on to indicate, the gateway start the initialization. After 15s, the Tx LED will blink once to indicate the Linux system is ready, and then 5s later , the status LED will blink once per second which indicate the whole system is ready. Then it enters the normal working mode.

2) Normal Working Mode

In normal working mode, when payload is inputted to LN610, LN610 will transmit the packet to GW1301-SE automatically. After GW1301-SE received the data, it will output the payload in uplink format by serial interface.

when payloads with downlink format are inputted to GW1301-SE. GW1301-SE will transmit the packet automatically. LN610 will compare its Device Addr with the received packet. If the Device Addr is match, it will output the payload by serial interface. 


Pin definition


Mechanical dimension(Unit: mm)