G-NiceRF LoRa serial RF module | LORAWAN node RF module | LN610 100mW Wireless Data transmission RF module

LN610 is the LoRaWAN node module. LG1301_PF/ LG1301_SE are LoRaWAN gateways. LN610 work with LG1301 to build a LoRaWAN system. This LoRaWAN system integrated the protocol of  LoRAWAN V1.0 , and support class C .

When data input to LN610, LN610 will transmit to LG1301. When received the data from LG1301, LN610 will output the received data to the series interface. All the wireless communication comply the LoRaWAN protocol.

Either LG1301_PF or LG1301_SE can be worked with LN610.The detail of these two gateways refer to the datasheet of gateway.

G-NiceRF LoRa serial RF module | LORAWAN node RF module | LN610 100mW  Wireless Data transmission RF module



• LoRaWAN protocol Class C supported

• Uart interface

• Long range

• AES128 encryption

• 8 channel communication simultaneously

• Configurable parameters


• Long range & Small size


 EU433M / EU868M / KR920M / AS923M / CN780M/ CN470M / US915M / AS915M


• Smart city

• Smart Metering ( Water, Electric, Gas meter )

• Agricultural Monitoring

• Irrigation control

• Internet of Things (IoT)

• M2M

• Wireless Sensors

• Wireless Alarm and Security Systems


★ Note: the following parameters is VCC = 3.3, with 50 ohm copper axis test instrumentation


Function Description

1) Power on Reset

After powered up, both the Red and Blue led will blink 1 times then off.

1) Sleep mode

In this mode,LN610 works with minimal current consumption. It will not respond to the inputted wireless and UART data. Pull high CS pin, LN610 will leave this mode.

2) Normal Working Mode

In this mode, LN610 can communicate with GW1301. The TXLED(Red) will blink once when one packet is transmitted out. And RXLED(Blue) will blink once when one packet is received and verified no problem.

3) Setting mode

In normal working mode, pull low the SET pin to make LN610 to enter into setting mode. Both of the TXLED and RXLED will turn on to indicate.

In setting mode,the parameters of uart will fix to:

baud_rate = 9600, data_bit = 8, parity_bit = None, stop_bit = 1;


Pin definition

Mechanical dimension(Unit:mm)