G-NiceRF LoRa Gateway SPI LoRa RF module | LoRaWAN Front-end LoRaWAN Gateway|LORAWAN1301 SX1301 LoRa RF module

LoRa Gateway LoRaWAN1301 Front-end Gateway module is based on Semtech LoRaWAN concentrator reference design -- SX1301 Reference Board- PCB_E286V02A. It is a high performance LoRa/LoRaWAN module based on Semtech SX1301 and SX1255/1257.

The SX1301 digital baseband chip is a massive digital signal processing engine specifically designed to offer breakthrough gateway capabilities in the ISM bands worldwide. The LoRa concentrator is a multi-channel high performance transmitter/receiver designed to simultaneously receive several LoRa packets using random spreading factors on random channels. Its goal is to enable robust connection between a central wireless data concentrator and a massive amount of wireless end-points spread over a very wide range of distances.

G-NiceRF LoRa Gateway  SPI LoRa RF module | LoRaWAN  Front-end LoRaWAN Gateway|LORAWAN1301 SX1301 LoRa RF module



  • Product Module:LoRaWan1301 lora gateway

  • LoRa long range module technology

  • Half-duplex 

  • Simultaneously receive LoRa packets

  • Dual digital Tx & Rx radio front-end

  • Dynamic data-rate adaptation (ADR)

  • Multi LoRa Spreading Factor

  • Maximum 10 channels

  • 8 x Multi SF LoRa channels (SF7 to SF12 with125kHz Bandwidth)

  • 1 x LoRa channel (Bandwidth 125/250/500kHz)

  • 1 x FSK channel


  • Smart city

  • Smart Metering ( Water, Electric, Gas meter )

  • Agricultural Monitoring

  • Irrigation control

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • M2M

  • Wireless Sensors

  • Wireless Alarm and Security Systems


LoRaWAN1301 electrical_specification:


LoRaWAN1301 Simple block diagram:


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